Everybody thinks they know how to workout but there is a distinct difference in

physical effort when a good trainer is mentally pushing you to get better results. I

have been motivating bi-coastal clients to achieve their fitness goals in the gym for

over a decade with my passionate knowledge and personal experiences with

competitive bodybuilding. The accountability from training with me provides

consistent workouts to change your body over time. I also offer stretch therapy,

sports massage, contest preparations, posing practice, meal plans specializing in

weight loss/muscle gains, and expert supplement advice. Let me guide you through

an isolated training program to get more benefits from working out with a coach. A

half hour session is forty dollars. One hour of training, which includes stretching and

massage, costs seventy-five dollars. There is a twenty-four hour cancelation policy

after commitment of appointments. No refunds on forfeited training sessions.

1 hour: $75    1/2 hour: $40