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As I return to the women’s bodybuilding stage, please support my competitive efforts and follow this new journey on my fan page! I rarely post videos here so you can stay updated on OF. It’s the only place I respond to DMs, post daily pics and share weekly clips.

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Happy New Year!!

Seeing as it’s the new year, I wanted to show why you should come check out my only fans. I have tons of fun content, Feats of Strength, Lift and Carry, Muscle Worship, Muscle Domination. You should definitely come and check it out. Celebrate your new year with New you, and More Me. See you there!

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Happy Holidays🎄

Female Muscle Ripped Vixen Workout

I can press you overhead just like this entire weight stack! Watch me lift 250 lbs with my big strong shoulders, and pure Female Muscle. Feats of strength are my specialty. Worship my hard muscles and bulging traps.

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Female Bodybuilder RippedVixen Pecs

I like to warm up my thick chest on the pec-deck before moving into a heavy press exercise. My pecs feel so hard and dense squeezing those weights. The pump gets intense when I make my pecs bounce.

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Here I do all sorts of workouts, focus on improving my amazing hard and vein throbbing muscles. 

Come Worship My Muscular frame, and enjoy how hard I work to give you something to look at!


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