Muscle Worship

Bodybuilding is a sport of admiration. Whether you’re a male or female bodybuilder, your muscles are being worshipped without permission. Some of us purposely put ourselves out there to receive the pleasure of this empowering feeling. While others naively seek attention as a reward for their hard work. In both cases there’s nothing wrong with having fans idolize our bodies. It’s no different from sports fans obsessing over their favorite athlete. I’m here to remove the judgements from those of us that earn a profit from our passion and make muscle worship less taboo.

Feel The Heat!!

It’s a lot more well known in the female bodybuilding industry because most advertise their services, whereas men can be secretly gay-for-pay. These may include in-person sessions where a client pays to be with a male or female bodybuilder (FBB) and I don’t mean sexually. We are not prostitutes. Most new clients have never seen a FBB in person so we are like super heroines to them. These “schmoes” are in awe of our power, strength, and more specifically our size. They generously pay to watch us flex and feel our thick, hard muscles in an erotic massage which may provide a release. Every FBB has their own rules which are discussed and agreed upon privately. 

There are different categories of in-person muscle worship depending on the fantasy. Some prefer mixed wrestling where the session is a lot more competitive. Strong women will use a variety of physical moves like scissor holds to put the client into submission. Schmoes love being dominated and tossed around like rag dolls. Our immense power and strength is what really turns them on. Boxing is a similar session where some men prefer to get their asses kicked by a massive muscle woman. This includes, but not limited to, belly punches, face hitting and ball busting. I’ve had requests to break ribs by bear hugging, kick testicles with all my force, and crush bones in a hand-shake.


Another trendy session is known as the ‘Lift and Carry’. The client wants to feel a powerful woman pick them up and carry them around like a baby. This activity is accomplished in a piggy-back or cradling position. A very popular fantasy is to have the FBB press them overhead! Sometimes she will squat them on her back. Anything to make the client feel weak and to show how superiorly strong we are.

The next best thing to sessions is a live webcam experience. This allows international muscle worship to be intimate without traveling outside your home. People from all over the globe communicate with female bodybuilders through a chat room or video call. Once again, there are rules and various pricing predetermined by the FBB. I’m open to special requests but most viewers enjoy watching me perform my craft without any prompts. If there’s a specific fantasy full of details, I will offer my client a custom clip because this option makes it more personal.

Then there’s a video on demand (VOD) store with special categories for muscular women. I sell all my clips in three different online stores. Pricing is based on the video length, for example, $1 per minute, which is much more affordable than a custom-made video. Currently I have 166 clips available for download in my ‘clips4sale’ studio. These include Feats of Strength (FOS) where I’m bending steel bars, folding frying pans, breaking wood boards, crushing hard fruit, and  shirt-ripping. Another popular category is mixed armwrestling where I defeat a man who’s much bigger and taller than me in a match. Most of the time I’ll distract him by wrestling topless, but other than that, I always play fair.

Give Up Wimp!

The muscle worship videos sell extremely well. It allows the client to see a muscle goddess in action. I flex my big, hard and sometimes oiled muscles in a micro-bikini, topless or fully nude. Fans love to see my pumped biceps and pec-bouncing skills on webcam and in videos. My thick traps bulge out of my neck in numerous most-muscular poses that I love to perform. It’s a fan favorite. 

This leads me to Onlyfans (OF) which is a great way to interact with true muscle worshippers. Members have told me that my page is more balanced because I provide a variety of content. Subscribers want to see a little bit of everything, not just masterbation, from what I hear is 70% of other female bodybuilders’ pages. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your sex drive, especially since OF is the perfect platform to do so. However, genuine female muscle lovers enjoy the powerful FOS content just as much, if not more than our sensual side. Some fans don’t even want to see us naked! I know guys who ejaculate to a ten second clip of me busting out of my flannel shirt like She Hulk! They get aroused by the amount of weight I lift in the gym when accompanied by grunts, and even flexing while moaning gets them off. This is proof that the act of sex is not necessary to stimulate a sexual reaction.

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In our unique niche, we don’t have to be nude or do hardcore porn. There are many FBBs who don’t participate in any of these forms I mentioned but they are being worshipped whether they like it or not. Competing on stage or fitness modeling opens them up to forums, social media and audience members’ idolization. The same goes for male bodybuilders showing off their ripped physiques for the camera. Those images and videos end up on a plethora of platforms in the gay community. Muscle is beautiful on both sexes. I am PROUD of the body I’ve artistically built and shamelessly display it for the world to see. I wish adult work was more acceptable in our industry because there’s an abundance of people who are sexually attracted to bodybuilders. Unfortunately most are too cowardly to admit it publicly. Show your love and openly support female bodybuilders.

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