Skin Deep – Female Muscle Domination

I’ve spent years in the gym pumping heavy weights to grow over 180 rock-hard pounds of muscle. You will need two hands to grip my bulging biceps along with my thick chest and wide back. I’m so big and strong you can barely get your arms around me but tonight I’m all yours! Beware, I’m going to get on top and won’t stop riding you until I squeeze every drop of cum out your cock! This is what you wished for, so be ready for me to control you and pound your little crotch with my muscular ass and bone crushing quads! Worship my hard muscle tits. I will be clamping up and down on your little cock with my tight pussy muscles pumping it bigger and harder than any other time in your life!  Remember, just because you cum it doesn’t mean we are finished.  I plan on pumping at least 2 out of you no matter how long it takes!  I’m hard 24 hours a day and tonight you will be too! If you want to be Dominated by my female muscle, check out more videos below as well!

Warning NSFW Content Ahead

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